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Attention all Anime Fans,

You've made Anime Network, the only dedicated anime channel in America, a breakout 
sensation on Video on Demand. Thank you.  
But now, Anime Network's continued operation and expansion is in jeopardy. Despite 
the overwhelming success of Anime Network on Demand, certain cable executives think 
they can program any old anime, and that the fans of America won't know the difference. 
That's just not right.  
We need every anime fan in America to make their preference for Anime Network heard. 
Here's your chance, just fill out a the simple form below and send your desire for a 24 
hour Anime Network directly to the decision makers at America's largest cable company.  
Remember, while others may claim to have an "anime channel," there is only one Anime 
Network. The first and only network built by fans, run by fans, always for fans. For over 
13 years, ADV Films has been a leader in bringing anime to North America, but we need 
your help to continue our effort to bring about the next major anime paradigm shift. Call 
now. Call often. Send a fax or email directly to the decision makers. Encourage your 
friends, family and roommates to do the same.  
The Cable Company may doubt the passion and commitment of the Anime fans of 
America, but we feel underestimating anime fans is a major mistake.  
We are putting out a "Call to Arms" for all anime fans who have yet to demand their 
anime and we have created a banner program for that purpose. Along with supporting the 
Anime Network, your site can earn 10% of all sales generated by the new "Call to Arms" 

Even if you chose not to host the new banner please take a moment to follow the link and 
demand you anime and please forward it on to all your family and friends.

To join the fight, lease visit our site www.advfilms.com/affiliate you will need to create a 
username and password if you're a new Affiliate member.

Please contact me with any questions,

Jonathan Brands
Marketing Associate
10114 W. Sam Houston Pkwy.,#200
Houston, Texas 77099
713-341-7279 Direct Line
713-341-7199 Fax

jbrands at advfilms.com



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