[MA-WORK] Jaunary 9 Sunday

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Mon Dec 6 17:22:22 EST 2004

To:	Anybody, Everybody And Somebody
From:	Maikeru
Date:	2004 December 6 Monday
Subj:	[MA-WORK] Jaunary 9 Sunday
Hello Everyone:
	In honour of Martin Luther KING, Junior, the next
regular Metro Anime Sunday Lunch is scheduled for January 9
Sunday, from 12:00 Noon through 6:00 PM, in the Surfers' Dining
Room of Maui Tacos.  
	Here is what is written down, as having been shown, at
the previous regular Metro Anime Sunday Lunch, on December 5
Sunday, in no especially particular order.  
    Double A Paper, Transforming Copier, Commerical.  
    Citröen C4 Automobile, Transforming Car, Commerical.  
    "Evangelion - ReDeath", Parody.  
    *Buriichi [Bleach]*, Episodes 1 & 2.  
    *Furuutsu Basuketto [Fruits Basket]*, Episodes 5 & 6.  
    "If I Were Gay"/*Gravitation*, Anime Music Video/Parody.  
    "Trogdor"/*Macross Zero*, Anime Music Video.  
    "Silent Lucity"/*Serial Experiments Lain*, Anime Music Video.  
    *R. O. D.* TV Series, Episodes 21 & 22.  
    *Byuutifuru Jyoo [Viewtiful Joe]*, Episodes 1 & 2.  
    "Naruto - Ninja Of The Night", Anime Music Video.  
    *Rasuto Eguzairu [Last Exile]*, Episodes 7 & 8.  
    *Samurai 7*, Episodes 1.  
Even though available, it was forgotten to continue with
*Enjerikku Reiyaa [Angelic Layer]* and *Midori No Hibi*.  
Episodes 15 and 16 of *Enjerikku Reiyaa*, and days/episodes 8
and 9 of *Midori No Hibi* were the latest episodes shown, on
October 17 Sunday.  
	It is intended to continue showing *Enjerikku Reiyaa*
and *Midori No Hibi*.  In addition, *Samurai 7* has supposedly
been added to the line-up, so it is necessary to obtain all the
episodes of *Samurai 7*.  Furhermore, now that the last episodes
of *Makurosu Zero [Macross Zero]* has been obtained, it is
intended to add *Makurosu Zero* the the line-up.  
	Anyone, have any ideas, on how around ten hours of
content/programming can fitted into a six hour time span (^_^)? 
	And perhaps Metro Anime should send out a
formal/official announcement, about January 9 Sunday?  
		"... devoted to putting the odd into God."

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