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Mon Apr 14 14:33:19 EDT 2014

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                       Death Somewhat Exaggerated
                    Classic Anime Film Screening with
                        Asia Pacific Forums, Ltd.
                         Sans Diego Film Shorts
                        Saturday, April 19, 2014
                              Holy Saturday
                     02:30 PM (doors open 02:15 PM)
                  *Robot Carnival [Robotto Kaanibaru]*
                             Free admission
                             Limited Seating
                        First come, first seated.
                                Studio 5
                             Producers' Club
                  358 West 44th Street and Ninth Avenue
                        New York, NY  10036-5426
                near SouthEast Corner of the intersection
                  of West 44th Street and Ninth Avenue
                         Times Square, Manhattan
                            *Robot Carnival*
      (Japan, 1987, 91 minutes, in Japanese with English subtitles)
  is screened with a brief introduction and a concluding Q & A session.
          *Robot Carnival* is a big-budget Anime anthology film
  consisting of ten segments about robots by nine top Anime directors,
including *Akira* creator OTOMO Katsuhiro.  The music (by Joe HISAISHI),
     art, and animation are all outstanding.  The stories vary from
              conventional to funny, romantic, and moving.
                     Please, come join Metro Anime,
                    for Metro Anime's next activity,
                      a film showing, at 2:30 PM, of
                            *Robot Carnival*
               on Saturday, April 19, 2014, Holy Saturday,
                      in Producers' Club
                             By Surface Bus:
               "M11" to Ninth Avenue and West 44th Street
          "M20" & "M104" to Eighth Avenue and West 44th Street
               "M34A" to West 43rd Street and Ninth Avenue
               "M42" to West 42nd Street and Ninth Avenue
                            By Subway Train:
     "A", "C" & "E" to West 42nd Street, Port Authority Bus Terminal
   "1", "2", "3", "7", "N", "Q" "R" & "S" to Times Square, 42nd Street
                               Metro Anime
                       Asia Pacific Forums, Ltd.
                        Sans Diego Films Shorts
                             Producers' Club

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