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Wed Nov 6 04:32:17 EST 2013

I will attend.

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On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 12:28 AM, TRAN, Si Bang <mstchin at yahoo.com> wrote:
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> From:   Maikeru
> Date:   2013 October 27 Sunday
> Subj:   [MA-SOC] "The Life & Works Of Osamu Tezuka"
>             @ Japan Society
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> Hello Everyone:
>         Mr. Roland KELTS has his followings and is friends with
> some people on Metro Anime's "MA-SOC" e-mail distribution list.
>     http://www.japansociety.org/event/meet-the-artist-works-by-osamu-tezuka/
>     2013 November 7 Thursday at 6:30 PM:
>         Lecture: "The Life & Works Of Osamu Tezuka".
>         Osamu TEZUKA (1928-1989), best known as the creator of
>     *Astro Boy*, is often credited as the "Godfather of Anime
>     and Manga" due to his prolific output, pioneering
>     techniques, and reimagining of genres.  His work redefined
>     Japanese cartoons, transforming them into an irresistible
>     art form, and incorporated a variety of new styles in their
>     creation.  Leaving a lasting impact on literature and film,
>     his work also influenced a range of other artistic genres.
>         Osamu Tezuka’s works are presented by Roland KELTS,
>     author of *Japanamerica*.  This event is moderated by
>     NYC-based cartoonist Katie SKELLY.
>         Presenters:
>             Mr. Roland KELTS, has presented on contemporary
>                 Japanese culture worldwide and has taught at
>                 numerous universities in Japan and the United
>                 States, including New York University and the
>                 University Of Tokyo.  His fiction and nonfiction
>                 appear in such publications as *Zoetrope: All
>                 Story*, *Psychology Today*, *Playboy*, *The Wall
>                 Street Journal*, *Vogue Japan*, *Adbusters*
>                 magazine, *The Millions*, *The Japan Times*,
>                 *Animation Magazine*, *Bookforum*, and *The
>                 Village Voice*.  He is the Editor in Chief of
>                 the Anime Masterpieces screening and discussion
>                 program, the commentator for National Public
>                 Radio's series, "Pacific Rim Diary" and the
>                 author of a weekly column for *The Daily
>                 Yomiuri* newspaper.
>             Ms. Katie SKELLY, is a cartoonist who lives and
>                 works in Queens, New York.  Her first graphic
>                 novel, *Nurse Nurse*, was published by Sparkplug
>                 Books in 2012.  Her next work, *Operation
>                 Margarine*, will be published by AdHouse Books
>                 in Spring 2014.  She holds a B.A. in Art History
>                 from Syracuse University.
>         Sponsors:
>             Japan Society: 333 East 47th Street, between First
>                 and Second Avenues, In Turtle Bay, Manhattan.
>         Location:
>             Japan Society: 333 East 47th Street, between First
>                 and Second Avenues, In Turtle Bay, Manhattan.
>         Admission:
>             Regular Program Admission Fee of $25.00.
> I am not enamoured with what Mr. Kelts' says and writes about
> Anime and Manga.
>         However, if some people are getting together, for Mr.
> Kelts' presentation on TEZUKA Osamu, I am willing to join.
>                                 Sincerely,
>                                 Maikeru
>                                 (^_^)
>                         "A thing is not strange in itself;
>                         it depends on me to make it strange."

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