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Date:	2013 January 11 Friday
Subj:	[MA-SOC] Apocalypse Wow!
	    (Was: Re: Event Reminder: BRIGHT EYES AT THE
	    APOCALYPSE - Monday 21 January, 8 p.m.) 
Hello Everyone:
	Having drawn nearly the same conclusions, well over
twenty years ago, for a paper on a related and similar topic,
for a course, I, now, agree with critics, that blaming Japanese
Apocalypticism and the Post-Apocalypticism on the National
experience with the two fission bombings is simplistic and weak.  
	One merely has to look at the Rapture and the "Left
Behind" films and literature, Michelango's "The Last Judgement"
or think about 2011 May 21 Saturday, 2011 October 21 Friday and	
2012 December 21 Friday, to realize that fascination with the
Apocalyptic and the Post-Apocalyptic is not limited to Japan nor
	Any society undergoing prolonged or protracted turmoil
experiences an increase in interests in Apocalypticism and
Post-Apocalypticism.  Recall the Social, Political and Economic
upheavals and insecurities of the late 1960s and 1970s, in the
United States?  Remember the movies, *Rosemary's Baby*, *Omega
Man*, *Soylent Green*, *Planet Of The Apes*, *Empire Of The
Ants*, *Food Of The Gods*, *The Omen* and the like?  
	I do not disregard Japan's experience with the fission
bombings of Hiroshima-shi and Nagasaki-shi as factors with
Japanese Apocalypticism and Post-Apocalypticism and Japanese
fascination with them.  However, the questions are how big a
factor are the fission bombings?  And are the fission bombings
the leading factor?  
	There are many factors in Japanese Apocalypticism and
Japanese Post-Apocalypticism and Japanese fascination with the
Apocalyptic and the Post-Apocalyptic.  
			"The future is uncertain,
			but the end is always near."
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> wrote:
> > ~ An Illustrated Lecture with JR Pepper ~
> > When:  Monday 21 January, 8 p.m.
> > Where:  Observatory, 543 Union Street (@Nevins),
> Brooklyn 11215
> > Event Link:
> > http://tinyurl.com/BrightEyes01212013
> >
> > Description:
> >
> > Anime such as Akira, Princess Mononoke, X/1999, and
> Neon Genesis Evangelion
> > have painstakingly detailed worlds devastated by war,
> disease, technology
> > and the fall of civilization. Why has the world of
> anime embraced such a
> > macabre event? This lecture by JR PEPPER* will examine
> the phenomenon of
> > the post-apocalyptic Earth in anime as well as explore
> the current trends.
> >
> > *JR PEPPER is a photographer, archivist and full-time
> geek. Her writing can
> > be found on Pink Ray Gun.com and she has given panels
> at New York Comic
> > Con, New York Anime Fest, Salon Con, Big Apple Anime
> Fest and Tokyo in
> > Tulsa.
> >
> > OBSERVATORY is located at 543 Union Street (corner of
> Nevins Street) in the
> > Gowanus section of Park Slope, Brooklyn. Entrance is on
> Nevins Street, at
> > the end of an alley to the right of the building --
> look for the sign that
> > says "Proteus Gowanus". By subway, take the R train to
> the Union Street
> > station and walk two blocks west; also accessible by F
> or G train (details
> > at Directions page on Observatory site).
> >
> > Hope to see many of you there!
> >
> >
> A podcast I watched years ago explained the Japanese's
> fascination
> with apocalyptic settings in anime and manga.
> It has much to do with the reality that they are the only
> people in the
> world who have experienced first hand the horror of what a
> nuclear war
> could be like.
> Take what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and spread that
> out across the
> entire planet.
> Now you understand why. This became a part of their societal
> consciousness
> and is thus reflected in their pop culture.
> -- 
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> any proof or
> supporting evidence, that all is well and that all will be
> well."
> -Q'uo
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> look at changes."
> -Ancient Wisdom
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