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> "Alexandra Honigsberg presents Heroes: a journey through iconic and
> epic Japanese animated tales of good and evil and what defines the
> timelessly heroic in all its guises, across cultures,
> transformed and improvised on solo viola with imagery and soundtracks"
> http://www.facebook.com/events/238058596327186/
> 6--8pm Sunday 06 January at the Cornelia Street Cafe in the West Village
> $20 (cash only) at the door, includes $10 food & drink credit
> More details and links on my site
> This is just FYI; I probably won't attend myself.
> Clyde
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I've moved to TX, so taking the Marc to attend this is not an option for me.

I find villains who aren't evil for the sake of being evil far more
interesting than the cliche evil villain who does bad simply for the
purposes of spitting in the face of good.

Kyube from Puella Magi Madoka Magica falls into that category. He was both
a good guy and a villain which made him a far more complex character. His
kind had little understand for human concepts or emotions. So while he was
trying to save the universe, he was incapable of understanding the terrible
harm he was doing to the girls at same time. Kyube wasn't evil, just
misguided, he was doing what he thought was the right thing. As they say,
the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Kyube is a personification
of that. That whole series was a brilliant re-imagining of the magical girl
anime genre.

Breetai from Macross was also this kind of villain. He was never
necessarily an evil person. He was a practical man, and above all a
military man. He was simply following orders, but when it became necessary
to make peace with the enemy for their own mutual survival he made that
decision quickly because that's what his years of training and experience
told him was the best course of action. This gave Breetai a lot of depth as
a character. It made him believable as both a villain and as an ally to the

The best heroes, the ones with real depth are the ones who do heroic things
not because they don't know fear, but because they are afraid yet do the
right thing anyway.

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