[MA-SOC] Ultimate Madoka

crfeldmeth at optimum.net crfeldmeth at optimum.net
Fri Jan 4 01:04:41 EST 2013

Piccked up mine from the post office yesterday.  Cost me $200.41 with EMS shipping.  It does look great.  It is actually only 1/8 scale, the dress is what makes it huge.                                    Charlie F.----- Original Message -----From: Michael Haney Date: Thursday, January 3, 2013 3:23 pmSubject: [MA-SOC] Ultimate MadokaTo: Metro Anime New York City--social list > Someone on the /r/anime SubReddit bragged about buying one > these. Its a> HUGE figurine of Madoka in her final ultimate form at the end of > PuellaMagi Madoka Magica. Its not cheap either, he paid $200. > What I wouldn't> give to have one of these on my desk.> > http://www.goodsmile.info/product/en/3574/Ultimate+Madoka.html> _______________________________________________> ma-nyc-soc mailing list. Unsubscribe at:> ma-nyc-soc-request at lists.baka.org> http://lists.baka.org/mailman/listinfo/ma-nyc-soc> 

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