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Wed Feb 20 13:13:48 EST 2013

To:	Anybody, Everybody And Somebody
From:	Maikeru
Date:	2013 February 20 Wednesday
Subj:	[MA-SOC] Donald RICHIE
Hello Everyone:
	Probably of interest to only a few on Metro Anime's
MA-SOC social e-mail distribution list, but as people seem to
post about all manner of things, I would just like to inform
that Mr. Donald RICHIE, died yesterday, 2013 February 19
Tuesday, at 4:00 PM, local time, in Tokyo University Hospital's
emergency ward, at the age of 88, after prolonged ailing health.
	Mr. Richie, author, film maker, translator and writer,
and renown authority, commentator and connoisseur of Japanese
Cinema and Japanese Film, is a Columbia University graduate, who
spent the past several decades living in Japan, is perhaps most
noted for introducing Japanese Cinema and Film to the English
speaking World.  
	"Whatever we in the West know about Japanese film, and
how we know it, we most likely owe to Donald Richie."
			"To be born is to die."

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