[MA-SOC] THINK FIRST on the computer advice folks (was Re:HELP!How To Uninstall?)

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Fri Mar 18 13:35:15 EDT 2011

And for the record, Mandisa is not arrogant....she might get a righteous indignation on but if she were actually arrogant, she wouldn't care less about Metro at all....

Actually, now that I think about it...Mandisa is just plain weird.  I mean she was born on an island or something (rather than the continental US) and has - to my knowledge - never shown anyone her birth certificate.  And she's always that grin on like she's got a bomb in her book bag or something (and you notice she carries big bags right?  Bet you didn't see so you've never said!). And she's black...there's that...so she's probably Muslim.  I got it!  She's not arrogant...she's a terrorist anchor baby infiltrator out to destroy America by weakening our cultural identity with foreign, unamerican products which are made overseas, thus destroying domestic manufacturing and reducing us to a third world power!  Don't you see? She must be the daughter of the Red Skull! 

I bet you in her wallet there's a picture of Dad just like this:

Someone call homeland security! Better yet call Captain America, Thor, and the Avengers!  Just don't tell her!  She must not be made aware we're on to her!

B Smith, taking product placement to new lows in the name of corporate profits  =^_^=

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> I like how I agreed Mandisa sometimes acts condescending and to defend herself she doubles down and acts exponentially more condescending!!! That's pretty funny! It'd be funnier she did it on purpose like as a really clever self-deprecating joke but I don't think she has any self-awareness. 


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