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Fri Mar 18 08:49:17 EDT 2011

I used to do tech support and help desk work for a living.  I was A+
certified.  All of it was contractor work for companies like HP, Kmart
Corporation, DTE Energy, Michigan Consolidated Gas Company and Ford
Motor Company.  After tech jobs dried up in Michigan I tried my hand
at running my own computer repair business.  I had limited success,
Michigan's economy was tanking, and that was several years before this
deep recession hit.

I moved to Alexandria, VA after things started to get worse there.  I
haven't had a tech job since then.  I was at Sears, and then CompUSA
for a time before they went under.  Right now I'm trying to start a
career as a published author (via Amazon's self-publishing service for
the Kindle).  I've dabbled in Linux for several years and even
replaced Windows on my older computer with Ubuntu Linux.  Windows has
never touched that machine again since.  Ubuntu just does everything
better, no hassles, no jumping through hoops to make things work
(unless you're trying to do something really off-the-wall) and best of
all its "immune" to all of the exploits and viruses that Windows is
constantly assaulted by.  Yes, there are Linux viruses and malware,
but how security in Linux works is "very" different from Windows so
their impact is severely limited.  They're also very rare.  You have a
better chance of getting zapped by lightning before you ever run into
a Linux virus.

Me and my friends here in Maryland haven't had much patience with
Windows for a while now.  I don't get as worked up as my best friend
does, he yells and screams at the computer, and like me was in tech
support but for the government.  We've gotten sick and tired of just
how awful the operating system is.  It may seem great to the rest of
you who have never tried anything else other than Windows, but its
true.  If Windows didn't have the 3rd party support it has now it
would be considered a mediocre operating system at best.  Its annoying
how even some of the most basic functions are hidden deep within an
unnecessarily complicated user interface, which Microsoft decides to
change and make even more complicated with every new release of the
operating system.

Windows Activation and Windows Genuine Advantage are both frustrations
enough to make the Pope want to go on a gun-totting killing spree.
Every time I ever have to reinstall Windows, the activation crap
always gives me hassles, and this is a legit copy.  I always have to
end up calling Microsoft to get their "blessing" to install and use
the operating system that I purchased.  This crap of always treating
customers as criminals without proof to the contrary pisses me off
faster than anything else.  Make a change to your computer and BOOM
Windows is deactivated.  OH MY GOD he added more RAM, he must be
trying to steal our operating system!!!

I give Microsoft 5 more years and then they're going to seriously
loose relevance.  Linux has advanced a lot faster than Windows has
over the past 21 years.  Stuff just works the first time and rarely do
you run into major hassles.  Run into one of them and there's tons of
documentation on the web that can help or you can turn to the user
community and you'll usually get an answer almost immediately.  If a
security hole is found or bug is discovered a patch is made available
that same day.  It takes Microsoft an average of six months to release
patches to security holes that are found and some holes have never
been fixed.

Ever try to network Windows computers together and share files over
the network without a server?  You used to be able to do that with
Windows 98/ME, but Microsoft took that functionality out of XP because
they want to force you to pay them more money to buy the server
edition of Windows.  That functionality is missing from Vista and Win7
Home Premium also.  They want to force you to get Windows Home Server
to do something like that.  F that!!!!!  I went to my Ubuntu desktop,
activated the network file sharing service, shared out my 1TB USB
drive and printer and BAM it instantly worked for my Windows gaming
system.  With the advances WINE, a software layer that lets you run
Windows programs in Linux without installing Windows, is making I'll
soon not need Windows at all to run my games either.  I'm subscribed
to a Youtube channel dedicated to gaming on Linux and one of the
recent videos demonstrated Dead Space and Starcraft 2 running on
Ubuntu using WINE.  Steam and all of Valve's Source Engine games
already run on Steam just find, and many game makers are designing
their games so they will run on WINE better.  World of Warcraft has
run fine on WINE for years now.  Give the WINE developer another year
or two and gamers won't need Windows anymore, period.

In the past few people would have never known there was an
alternative, a better alternative, to Windows on the PC unless they
went looking for it.  Now, in this age of social networks and Twitter
people can be exposed to information and ideas that they previously
would never have known existed, and that includes the existence of
Linux.  Word of mouth advertising is the best and cheapest advertising
any company can get.  Its how Facebook and Twitter have risen to
become major companies.  Its how Google has risen to become a major
empire.  Its how Ubuntu has come to dominate the Linux market.

[Gets off soapbox]

Sorry for the Rant.  Its just that I have little patience with Windows
and Microsoft anymore, and when I see people with all kinds of
problems with a Windows PC it makes me see red.  I look over at my
Ubuntu machine humming away without any problems at all and I can't
for the life of me understand why people would willingly subject
themselves to that much hair--ripping frustration on purpose.  I use
Windows on my gaming system because for as good as WINE is now it can
only run about 90% of the games I own and play on a regular basis.
Give it another year and that will change.  If I can run all of my
games on WINE without any glitches then I'm ditching Windows entirely
and never looking back.

Anyway, I'd gladly give free advice to people in need.  Its the least
I can do help them with Microsoft's P.O.S. operating system.  If you
must use Windows I can at least help you whip the damn thing into

Michael "TheZorch" Haney
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for it in the endeavor of science. " ~ Carl Sagan

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