[MA-SOC] THINK FIRST on the computer advice folks (was Re:HELP!How To Uninstall?)

Alain-Christian mynamebackwards at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 04:24:56 EDT 2011

I like how I agreed Mandisa sometimes acts condescending and to defend
herself she doubles down and acts exponentially more condescending!!!
That's pretty funny! It'd be funnier she did it on purpose like as a
really clever self-deprecating joke but I don't think she has any
self-awareness. Awww, that's kinda sad. It went from funny to sad. :(

I also like when someone on the Internet makes a big announcement that
they're going to start ignoring you, like they're taking the high road
or something, and then contradict that high road notion by typing up
three paragraphs about you, basically trying to have it both ways.
Nice try!

Anyway, learn from this people. When giving computer help if you
actually know what you're doing understand that you have a valuable
skill and your labor and TIME is WORTH SOMETHING. I'm not saying
always charge, I'm not saying fuck anybody who needs computer help,

The best part is everyone giving Shawn help and advice TO SPITE EACH
OTHER! It's amazing. Just whip 'em out and measure already, jeez!

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 1:01 AM, Mandisa Washington
<mandisaw at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Shawn's message about "loading Kaspersky" was actually because he had the CD in hand. At the last meeting, where Dan actually worked physically on his laptop, several of us recommended that he wait until he had received the new program CD before attempting to modify his only-just-recently bootable system.
> Anthony - You frequently acknowledge that you don't actually read the entirety of threads, just jumping in at opportune moments when you have some point to add. In the case of random anime discussions, or the ever-popular, yet oddly-contentious "where to eat" discussions, that's annoying, but easily ignorable.
> In the case of someone's computer, which you know nothing about re: specifics, nor have the decency to assume that any user, regardless of tech savvy, is attached to their data, you should really either get more info to make a clear assessment, or just STFU. Bad info mixed with opinion (and so much of it is really just your opinion) is far worse than simply saying, "Gee dude that sucks, better luck next time".
> Alain-Christian - Since you're a known troll in my opinion, and I have no indication that you're actually good at being a tech, I'm just gonna blow past you. If you want to ignore my assessment, your call, but maybe you should take a note from somebody who learned to work IT in one of the places they freakin' invented it - MIT. I left b/c of too many unprofessional & arrogant people - the IT industry is blighted with them - and they recruited me back at a higher/autonomous level over a year later. Let me know if you need a brush-up on how to treat clients or fellow techs - no charge required.
> To sum up - It's simply unprofessional and irresponsible to give off-the-cuff information masquerading as usable advice, ostensibly justified with technological terminology. A bit like a doctor giving medical treatment without an exam or follow-up. Yeah, it's easy to toss off a comment on email, and just ignore the consequences to *real people*, but that's not gonna help anybody. And if you're not helping, you're just part of the goddamn problem.
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