[MA-SOC] AnimeNEXT Free Shuttle

Chet J jerzee_guy at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 9 09:07:27 EDT 2011

And for any of you coming via NJ Transit train on the NorthEast Coridor line there is a free AnimeNEXT shuttle picking people up at the station

Be patient.  They expect it will every 50 minutes though there will probably be at least 10 minutes wait time for the shuttle.  They're trying to work in traffic on Easton Avenue.

Also, IF YOU USE A TAXI do not get ripped off.  Last year people said taxi's were charging $20 for the one-way trip.  It should generally be at the most $15.

DO NOT let the taxi station fool you.  Last year there were two reports of the person there telling people there was no shuttle.  

I will personally be going on one of the shuttle circuits to make sure everything is good. 


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