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Mon Sep 20 14:19:21 EDT 2010

On 9/20/2010 12:34 PM, TRAN, Si Bang wrote:
> 	I recommend that you see Mr. HOU Hsiao-Hsien (HOU
> XiaoXian)'s, so-called, "City Of Sadness" historical "trilogy":
> *Beiqing Chengshi [A City Of Sadness]*, 1989; *Xi Meng Ren Sheng
> [The Puppetmaster]*, 1993; and *Haonan Haonu [Good Men, Good
> Women]*, 1995, which are hopefully part of that eight film boxed
> set that you purchased.
> 	I saw the films, *Beiqing Chengshi*, *Xi Meng Ren Sheng*
> and *Haonan Haonu*, quite a while ago, and all I really remember
> is that they were quite emotional and quite good.
> 	On a side note, I visited the town, Jiufen, in Taiwan,
> which makes two claims to fame: the harsh mining under the
> Japanese Colonialism and being the location for *Beiqing
> Chengshi*.

A quick glance at the packaging shows that "City of Sadness" isn't part 
of the collection, but the other two indeed are. "Sadness" doesn't 
appear to be on video in the U.S., so I might try to track that down 
through my non-R1 rental company.

Thanks for the tips, as always. Everything I've seen of HHH's films has 
been emotionally affecting and consummately artistic.

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