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Sat Sep 11 22:15:28 EDT 2010

> I'm watching the 911 conspiracy documentary, and it's funny how people can
> take a tragedy, and make a giant conspiracy out of it.

Conspiracy theories generally arise when something goes beyond the boundaries of what people are willing to accept.

> And the fact is that jet fuel does explode, and the buildings were knocked down 
> because of the airplanes. Not explosives. Actually, buildings have explosive material 
> in them, so that was probably what caused the buildings to collapse. But it wasn't
> a controlled demolition. Everything was caused by the impact of the planes,
> and the jet fuel exploding, which caused more explosions.

As someone who originally went to college for aerospace engineering you are quite correct.  Jet fuel is highly explosive/flammable.  As for why the building collapsed is also very easily explainable.  Let me add an observation.  The day 911 happened I was in my cubicle.  Someone mentioned over in another aisle that a Cessna plane had collided with one of the towers.  I tried to get on cnn.com which was overwhelmed so clever me I went to cnn.jp which was available and the picture on the home page was a hole in the side of the tower.   I could immediately tell this was at least four possibly five floors.  Inotherwords, this was no Cessna plane.  I guessed that it may have been a 727.  Then I immediately mentioned this to my colleagues who had come over to my cube.  No one had seen any pictures.  I then mentioned that if this was a larger jet that the fuel is in the wings of the plane.  And that's when I asked myself how far the planes had flown because there is a lot of fuel in those wings.

Anyway, what caused the towers to collapsed is the heat generated by the fuel caused the steel girders to warp.  It was enough heat to essentially cause the steel to twist and sag.  This in turn caused stress to the cement which began to fracture and crack to the point that it began to collapse on one floor above the other until the "pancake" effect from each floor collapsing essentially added an enormous load burden to the next floor until it was a critical amount of weight. 

One of things I wondered about was if the designers of the building had been contacted.  I'm sure there was some city engineer who must have thought the same thing I had.  However the tragic outcome could not have been stopped or slowed down.  Well, one way this could have been some type of halogen system but that would have killed people by depleting oxygen that we need.

911 was a tragedy.  And one that may have been prevented if 2 agents had been taken seriously when they told their supervisor that they had gotten verified information that men with ties to terrorist organizations were taking jet pilot lessons.  If this doesn't read ALERT possible hi-jacking potential here I don't know what does.

Apologies.  Sorry for my babbling. 


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