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> I miss anime being on more often. At least I have my dvds. It's strange now to watch anime on tv. Voltron, Thundercats, and G-force are all showing on CN's Hanna-Barbera network.

Do you mean Boomerang?  Disney has Disney DX, I think that's what its
called.  They show anime on there from time to time from what I've
heard.  Naruto Shippuden, English dubbed, is airing on that channel
according to AnimeOnTV.com.

> Syfi & Chiller have animonday. Funmation has it's own channel. There's an anime network... Even though the industry is having problems, this is a good time to be a teenage otaku.

Here in near D.C. we have the Funimation Network on Verizon FiOS.
I've seen it.  You can see the same programs and more on their video
streaming site and Hulu.com.

> Too bad.

They're an industry in transition.  I don't see the Anime Industry
going away, but transforming.  A part of the problem is the bad
economy, and another is a similar problem which Hollywood is facing
... people don't want to buy DVDs anymore.  At least most don't.
Today its all about digital downloads and streaming, that's what the
majority of the consumers want.  From what I've seen most the anime
companies here in the US are starting to embrace this, while Hollywood
has been fighting it kicking and screaming all the way.

So, who is everyone's favorite Moe character(s) in anime?
Mine are:
Mikuru Asahima from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Nodoka Miyazaki from Negima
Hinata Hyuga from Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
Miyuki Takara from Lucky Star
and Nia Teppelin from Gurren Lagann

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