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I miss anime being on more often. At least I have my dvds. It's strange now to watch anime on tv. Voltron, Thundercats, and G-force are all showing on CN's Hanna-Barbera network.
Syfi & Chiller have animonday. Funmation has it's own channel. There's an anime network... Even though the industry is having problems, this is a good time to be a teenage otaku.
Too bad.
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My channel numbers were different back in Texas. But I was blessed to grow during the Suncoast and Toonami generation. :)
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On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 7:34 PM, Vince Averello <vince at omegageek.com> wrote:
> Fan credentials: 30+ years of anime watching, con staffer, etc. Not a casual
> follower.

I discovered anime a LONG time ago.  When I was wee lad Speed Racer,
G-Force (the Americanized version of Gotchaman), and Kimba the White
Lion aired on Channel 62 in Detroit, MI.  Back then Detroit was a
great place, not the festering cesspool it is now.  Ah the memories.
Robotech and Voltron started airing on Channel 20 and Cha

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