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No need to post your long list. I was jokingly posting that line to remove
the "only a non-casual fan would understand" part of the previous
discussion. However... you and I have a similar background fan wise, except
I've always been in the NY metro area so my channel numbers are different
(5, 11, etc)

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On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 7:34 PM, Vince Averello <vince at omegageek.com> wrote:
> Fan credentials: 30+ years of anime watching, con staffer, etc. Not a
> follower.

I discovered anime a LONG time ago.  When I was wee lad Speed Racer,
G-Force (the Americanized version of Gotchaman), and Kimba the White
Lion aired on Channel 62 in Detroit, MI.  Back then Detroit was a
great place, not the festering cesspool it is now.  Ah the memories.
Robotech and Voltron started airing on Channel 20 and Channel 50
several years later.  When my parents got a VHS player and video
rental places started to get popular I'd rent some anime.  They didn't
have a lot, a very limited selected.  It wasn't until the 90's that I
was able to get access to a lot more anime.  The Internet came along
(technically its been around since the 60's, and was finally made
accessible to the public), more video places started offering anime,
Suncoast started selling anime on VHS (this was the pre-DVD days),
then DVDs came along, and finally a little something called Toonami
arrived on Cartoon Network.

I became seriously hooked on Tenchi Muyo.  Was never really a big DBZ
fan though.  I found fan sites and fian clubs on the Internet.  I
joined the Ryoko Forever Fan Club and the Sasami Appreciation Society.
 At their height those mailing lists had over 2,000+ members, each!!!
Then, I discovered FanFiction.net, was introduced to the world of
anime fan fiction.  The TMFFA or Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Archives, and
Media Miner.  In 2000 I started my own work of fan fiction called The
Dark Lord of Jurai.  It was a three part epic with 22 chapters each,
which won an award.  Later I was introduced to Ranma 1/2 by a
co-worker and became hooked.  Now most of my fan fiction is
Ranma-based and I'm starting to delve into Naruto fan fiction.
Finally, I met my mentor and inspiration.  Mr. Jim Bader.  Author is
the Lord of the Rings of Ranma 1/2 fan fiction; "A Tale of Two
Wallets".  A 130+ chapter epic retelling of the Ranma 1/2 story but
with a rather significant change.  Nabiki was Ranma's iinazuke instead
of Akane.  He also added crossover elements with so many different
anime and non-anime TV shows and movies I can't possibly name them
all, and did it all in a way that didn't overwhelm the storyline.

Anywho, now I'm working towards becoming a professional writer.  I
have a book idea I've been working on off and one for a while.  I
still write fan fiction but I'm WAY behind on updating them.  I've
gathered a sizable collection of anime, many fansubs of stuff that
hasn't yet come to the US, and some that won't (ie; Kodomo no Jikan).
I've got nearly 3GB of anime images which I use as my wallpaper using
a Windows Vista Sidebar gadget that changes it every few minutes.  My
iTunes library is filled with stuff from Megumi Hayashibara, Ayumi
Hamasaki, and many others.  I live, breath and sleep ANIME!!!

I've only watched maybe 6 hours of TV in the past 2 years, and most of
that was Mythbusters.  I get everything from the Internet.  Who needs
the Nightly News when you've got Digg, Reddit, TechDirt, Mashables,
Twitter, Google Buzz, Facebook and Google News?  About 90% of what I
watch online is Anime either on Hulu.com or Funimation's own streaming
page, and on occasion Veoh, Youtube, MegaVideo (which I hate), and a
dozen other video streaming sites.  Anime is all over the Internet!

What I haven't done is go to any cons, and I haven't cosplayed (though
I'd probably be able to do a decent Genma Saotome).  I'm kind of
limited in where and how far I can go by my reliance on public
transportation due to my vision.  So, those are my Otaku creds.

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