[MA-SOC] OT: Beautiful Handsewn Thai-Hmong Pants -- FREE to whoever wants them -- seriously!

Jill Sophia viaparva at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 21:40:03 EDT 2010


In the course of rearranging some of my clothes, I found a pair of pants
that I'd almost forgotten I'd owned.... mainly because I fell in love with
them at a street fair, bought them on the spot, tried them on once at home,
and then never wore them again.  They are Asian-style "free size", but the
cut is just too tight for me.

They're so pretty that I couldn't bear to part with them, but they do no
good just sitting around in my closet and frankly I'd rather give them to
someone I know than to some charity outlet where they might just gather
dust.  (Such outlets usually carry mainstream-type clothes, and these are
definitely bohemian style.)  And I usually have no luck at all with eBay --
I've actually LOST money on some of my auctions in the past.  So I'm
offering them to whoever is interested, gratis.

Alas, I don't know how to take or upload photos with a digital camera, so
here's a description:

The pants are primarily black cotton, but overlaid with wide vertical strips
of Hmong fabric in red & pink floral, black & grey geometric, yellow solid,
and accented with bright pink & orange vertical piping.  There are two
identical back pockets, each made of black & grey geometric fabric accented
with bright multicolored piping.  (One pocket is a bit loose at the edge,
but you can easily secure it with a few stitches.)  The bottom vents of each
leg are accented with functional wood buttons.  The waistline has no elastic
-- instead, it has a functional black drawstring whose ends are decorated
with cowrie shells.  The label says "Made in Thailand".  Needless to say,
they are clean and in excellent condition, except for that slight pocket

APPROXIMATE measurements:

Inseam:  23"
Top of Waist to Crotch: 12.5"
Maximum Waist Circumference: 36"  (easily adjusted smaller w/drawstring)
Hip Circumference:  38"

Depending on your height and what else you wear with them, these could be
worn either as cropped pants, capris, yoga pants, or even cosplay pants.  No
washing instructions are given, but because of the unique design I'd
recommend either hand washing or dry cleaning.  Somewhat feminine in style,
but could be a great fashion statement for a guy too.

They're lightweight and easy to ship, so if you're interested just send me
your postal addy individually (NOT on-list) and I'll send them along this
week.  (First definite "yes" with a shipping address gets them.)

If there are no takers by e-mail, I will bring the pants to the next MA
screening -- but considering that I'm offering them for free, if you like
the description and think they might fit, you've got nothing to lose.  (If I
send them to you and they don't fit you or aren't your style, just pass them
along to someone who'll appreciate them.)

No strings attached, except the pants' drawstring!  I'd really just prefer
to give them to someone I know who really needs and/or wants them.

Ja mata,

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