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I'll be there.

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> Do you like eating, but sometimes wish you could do it while talking about 
> anime? Or do you like talking about anime, but wish that it didn't get in 
> the way of your mealtime? Do you find yourself spending all day at a 
> convention only to pass out from hunger? (Don't do that - it's a *real* 
> downer.)
> Generally when there's a convention that's local, and/or a bunch of Metro 
> folks are going to, we like to have a nice group dinner to have some 
> face-time and chat about anime (or manga, or sci-fi, or comics, or 
> whatever geek pursuit strikes your fancy). There's sometimes drinking, 
> generally eating, and always good company. This weekend, the NY Comic 
> Con/Anime Fest will be at Javitz, so even though that's at the ass-end of 
> the West Side, it pretty much counts as local. And many Metro people are 
> going to be there (and be square! *grin*).
> ----------------------
> Details!
> - What: Convention Dinner - chat about con stories, favorite anime, "the 
> industry", your cat, whatever!
> - Where: Annie Moore's, 50 E 43rd Street, betw. Madison & Vanderbilt Ave. 
> (opp. Grand Central Terminal) - http://www.anniemooresnyc.com
> - Meet at Javitz Level 2 - the promenade level where Registration 
> generally is - near the convention shuttle stop (Shuttle #1 to Grand 
> Central). Here's the Javitz map - 
> http://www.javitscenter.com/Default.aspx?cmsid=12
> - When: *This Saturday*, Oct. 9, meet @ Javitz by 7:30pm or meet @ the 
> restaurant by 8pm
> - Why: To have fun and camaraderie and all that good shi... er, stuff.
> - How: The restaurant takes cash or credit, and the prices run about 
> $15-$25 for a meal, plus more for appetizers/alcohol, if you choose, so 
> plan accordingly.
> - Who: Shout-out if you're coming, so we know to expect you. I made a 
> reservation, so they know we're a big group, but I like/need to keep a 
> count. If your plans change, or if you're not sure yet, just make sure to 
> have a way to contact a fellow Metro person who's going so you can stay 
> up-to-date.
> ----------------------
> Now, the Great Recession may have cleared your schedule - and your wallet 
> (seriously, they're trying not to call it the Great Depression II), but 
> there's always a good time to be had at these dinners. We don't check 
> badges, so even if you're not going to the convention, you're more than 
> welcome to join us at dinner.
> Dan's eaten at this restaurant before, and they're an upbeat, clean, 
> tourist-free place, with a wide range of good food at decent prices (it's 
> more of an English pub-flavored "normal" restaurant - feel free to check 
> out the menu on their site). There's more than enough room for our group, 
> either in the back or downstairs if the bar noise is too much (they also 
> have pics on their site).
> The way this generally works is that we meet up around 7-7:30pm in Javitz 
> and walk/bus together over to the restaurant. In this case, we probably 
> want to use the convention shuttle, since the M42 bus no longer goes to 
> Javitz, but the con shuttle does go to Grand Central, and runs until 
> 8:30pm. If the shuttle's a no-go, or if you miss the group, you can hoof 
> it up to 42nd Street and catch the crosstown bus there or share a cab. (If 
> you decide to walk, please try to go with a group - the West Side is still 
> pretty sketchy until well, Broadway, IMO.)
> Any questions, ask away. Hope to see some new faces and some old faces!
> Ciao,
> Mandisa
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