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I'll join ya...since I won't be attending the con but dinner is doable. Let me know the time and I'll be there. Few of ya have my number, text/bbm to reach me ^_^

Better late then sorry, 

~Julia-having seen some of ya in ages.




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Do you like eating, but sometimes wish you could do it while talking about 
anime? Or do you like talking about anime, but wish that it didn't get in the 
way of your mealtime? Do you find yourself spending all day at a convention only 
to pass out from hunger? (Don't do that - it's a *real* downer.)

Generally when there's a convention that's local, and/or a bunch of Metro folks 
are going to, we like to have a nice group dinner to have some face-time and 
chat about anime (or manga, or sci-fi, or comics, or whatever geek pursuit 
strikes your fancy). There's sometimes drinking, generally eating, and always 
good company. This weekend, the NY Comic Con/Anime Fest will be at Javitz, so 
even though that's at the ass-end of the West Side, it pretty much counts as 
local. And many Metro people are going to be there (and be square! *grin*).

- What: Convention Dinner - chat about con stories, favorite anime, "the 
industry", your cat, whatever!

- Where: Annie Moore's, 50 E 43rd Street, betw. Madison & Vanderbilt Ave. (opp. 
Grand Central Terminal) - http://www.anniemooresnyc.com
- Meet at Javitz Level 2 - the promenade level where Registration generally is - 
near the convention shuttle stop (Shuttle #1 to Grand Central). Here's the 
Javitz map - http://www.javitscenter.com/Default.aspx?cmsid=12

- When: *This Saturday*, Oct. 9, meet @ Javitz by 7:30pm or meet @ the 
restaurant by 8pm

- Why: To have fun and camaraderie and all that good shi... er, stuff.

- How: The restaurant takes cash or credit, and the prices run about $15-$25 for 
a meal, plus more for appetizers/alcohol, if you choose, so plan accordingly.

- Who: Shout-out if you're coming, so we know to expect you. I made a 
reservation, so they know we're a big group, but I like/need to keep a count. If 
your plans change, or if you're not sure yet, just make sure to have a way to 
contact a fellow Metro person who's going so you can stay up-to-date.

Now, the Great Recession may have cleared your schedule - and your wallet 
(seriously, they're trying not to call it the Great Depression II), but there's 
always a good time to be had at these dinners. We don't check badges, so even if 
you're not going to the convention, you're more than welcome to join us at 

Dan's eaten at this restaurant before, and they're an upbeat, clean, 
tourist-free place, with a wide range of good food at decent prices (it's more 
of an English pub-flavored "normal" restaurant - feel free to check out the menu 
on their site). There's more than enough room for our group, either in the back 
or downstairs if the bar noise is too much (they also have pics on their site).

The way this generally works is that we meet up around 7-7:30pm in Javitz and 
walk/bus together over to the restaurant. In this case, we probably want to use 
the convention shuttle, since the M42 bus no longer goes to Javitz, but the con 
shuttle does go to Grand Central, and runs until 8:30pm. If the shuttle's a 
no-go, or if you miss the group, you can hoof it up to 42nd Street and catch the 
crosstown bus there or share a cab. (If you decide to walk, please try to go 
with a group - the West Side is still pretty sketchy until well, Broadway, IMO.)

Any questions, ask away. Hope to see some new faces and some old faces!

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