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Here's a throw back, anyone remember B.A.A.F.???

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> On 9/9/2010 11:52 AM, Brian Jensen wrote:
>> I actually miss the 90's, because so many comic-book shops use to be
>> around. I didn't live in NYC during that time, but I lived in San Antonio.
>> And I remember comic-book stores like "Heroes." That place was awesome! :)
> One place near me, Collector's Kingdom, is still afloat and has longboxes
> full of VHS anime bootlegs which I suspect they will not be able to get rid
> of at any price now! Talk about relics from another era, and relics in more
> than one sense of the word ...
> There are many things about the "old days" I miss, but I think they all
> stem from a generic affection for a time when we were part of something
> extremely clandestine. I've talked to people who were, say, early Internet
> users -- back before AOL came along with an unlimited monthly dial-up plan
> -- and they express many of the same feelings in a different form. I miss,
> say, the Wild West atmosphere of the old Internet, but I rather like my
> high-speed connection and all that goes with it (hello, NetFlix and
> Crunchyroll!).
> Likewise, I miss that feeling of being part of something wonderful that you
> only shared with a select few. But that doesn't mean there are no pleasures
> left to savor; they're just different pleasures now.
> That reminds me: must make a trip to Book-Off sometime soon if I can manage
> it.
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