[MA-SOC] AMV Hell!!!!

Mandisa Washington mandisaw at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 18 00:39:09 EST 2010

A handful of heads-ups:

First, the "AMV Hell" project is a series of long multi-editor AMVs where
each entry is made of a bunch of smaller videos, each done with different
combinations of anime series, music, and editor. Every year or so since
maybe '03, they (we're talking 10s or a couple hundred individuals and
teams) come out with another one, and it's usually an open-participation
project organized online, sometimes with a theme that ties everything
together. Obviously, since it's a huge group effort, the quality varies
across the entries, and even among video-fragments within the same entry.
But you can check out & download all the past ones at AnimeMusicVideos.org,
and even check out the ongoing forum thread(s) discussing past/current
productions. Multi-editor projects are quite popular, so there are a lot of
others besides AMV Hell - you can find a bunch on amv.org or
series/creators' websites.

Second, it's customary not to post torrent links on the mailing list,
mostly because every post is archived publicly, and it would suck to repay
our friendly MA member/list admin Seth's computer hospitality with some
lawsuit garbage about hosting illegal torrent links. So just tell people
about the show/video, and that it can be downloaded via torrent - if folks
are interested, they can find it on their own, or message you off-list. In
fact, the AMV Hell videos are around the web lots of places, in whole or in
part (some fragments are actually excerpts of longer videos, and editors
will post their full-length versions separately).

Third, using a torrent doesn't require use of any specific
downloading-software. By the very open-source nature of the bittorrent
protocol, you can use any appropriate software to access the content spread
across the 'net. Unlike the torrent link, linking to legal software is
okay, but again, if folks are into torrent-downloading, they probably
already have a favorite software. Also, it was handy to know that
mu-torrent 2 is being craptacular, but don't jump down the guy's throat -
maybe he legitimately didn't know about the issues.


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