[MA-SOC] in re Golden Compass

Serdar Yegulalp serdar at genjipress.com
Tue Jul 14 22:26:44 EDT 2009

> The little girl was one note. Kidman was actually trying to act in a
> film that didn't do much with it's characters, story, or
> characterization  of it's
> characters. The FX was horrid, and it didn't deserve to win an oscar
> for special effects over films with better FX like "Transformers" and
> "Pirates of the Caribean 3." You look at the "Golden Compass", and
> see just howdated
> it looks. There is no real attention to detail, and it looks like
> amatuer work. The CGI buildings look like legos, and the rest of the
> visuals make the film feel like a video game. And I agree, the
> editing was terrible.
> P.S: "Ghost Rider" is worse then any of the films you mentioned.

Much worse.

I actually didn't know the Johnny Blaze mythos going into the film, but 
friends of mine who know the comic fairly well got me up to speed after 
the fact. It's bad for people both in AND out of the fandom, which is 
really saying something.

A lot of the discussion about "Compass" so far is helping me cement what 
felt wrong with the movie: it was put together by people who really 
didn't seem to have a good grasp of the fantastic. I liked the first 
"Harry Potter" movie a great deal (still haven't seen the rest of it, 
I'm way behind in that respect) because the filmmakers jumped into the 
whole thing with both feet and didn't seem to be worried about the risk 
of leaving anyone behind. "Compass" felt so ... tentative, hesitant, 
*timid* in every respect. Not the kind of sentiment you want to have 
when making a movie that's supposed to bite voraciously into the 
sandwich of the unknown. Or something.

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