[MA-SOC] Comic Con dinner - BBQ, Saturday, 7:45pm (was Re: NYCC dinner....can't we all just #$#@#$ get along?)

B Smith ifuritaoni at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 16:08:15 EST 2009

Count me in, Disa.  #$@$#@ everyone who wants to do something else or has somethign to say about Dallas BBQ.
The decision is made.  Deal with it.
Umm....i still might be at "work" at the con.  It's Okay if I show up late or something (not that we all might run late ANYWAY).
B Smith

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Subject: [MA-SOC] Comic Con dinner - BBQ, Saturday, 7:45pm (was Re: NYCC dinner....can't we all just #$#@#$ get along?)
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Minhas, we've got other members in Jersey, you know. You *could* organize
something on a long weekend for the West-of-Hudson folks. Besides, it
hasn't been just me & Mike (& Ralph) organizing things for a few years now.
*ahem* If you could drag yourself away and join us more than

*plants fists on hip* What was the last time you came to a Metro dinner?
Like ANext '07 for 10min? And you *work* the con for Pete's sake. *shakes

Anyway, sounds like folks like BBQ-Times Sq (decent food, large drinks,
good value). I have some issues with the open floor layout there (too loud,
giant TVs), but I think they've got a somewhat quieter mezzanine
group-space, if we've got enough people.


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> Subject: Re: [MA-SOC] NYCC dinner....can't we all just #$#@#$ get along?
> Aww Disa,  don't think negatively.  Usually it's you or Mike that put
these types of things together.
> My problem is I live in Jersey...which is why you'll rarely see me at
some event, unless I happen to already be in the city.
> As for the nitpickers, well you've said your piece and I agree with your

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