[MA-SOC] Comic Con dinner - BBQ, Saturday, 7:45pm (was Re: NYCC dinner....can't we all just #$#@#$ get along?)

Pablo Martinez animecomicsfan at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 15:30:40 EST 2009

Count me in disa.


Mandisa Washington <mandisaw at earthlink.net> wrote: Minhas, we've got other members in Jersey, you know. You *could* organize
something on a long weekend for the West-of-Hudson folks. Besides, it
hasn't been just me & Mike (& Ralph) organizing things for a few years now.
*ahem* If you could drag yourself away and join us more than

*plants fists on hip* What was the last time you came to a Metro dinner?
Like ANext '07 for 10min? And you *work* the con for Pete's sake. *shakes

Anyway, sounds like folks like BBQ-Times Sq (decent food, large drinks,
good value). I have some issues with the open floor layout there (too loud,
giant TVs), but I think they've got a somewhat quieter mezzanine
group-space, if we've got enough people.


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> Aww Disa,  don't think negatively.  Usually it's you or Mike that put
these types of things together.
> My problem is I live in Jersey...which is why you'll rarely see me at
some event, unless I happen to already be in the city.
> As for the nitpickers, well you've said your piece and I agree with your

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