[MA-SOC] NYCC dinner....can't we all just #$#@#$ get along?

Oneirophile at aol.com Oneirophile at aol.com
Sat Jan 24 00:14:34 EST 2009

Bree baby, you are welcome on our island anytime -- especially  if you're 
wearin' one of those slinky Ah My Goddess gowns!   ^_^
BTW, when are those of us not attending NYCC gonna see you  again?  You 
haven't shown up at a Maui Tacos screening in aeons.   Let's try to schedule that 
Thai dinner or Japanese buffet sometime in February  or March when the whole 
gang (besides the Usual Suspects) can get  together.
Your Burukkurin buddy,
The Jillster
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In a message dated 1/23/2009 12:49:31 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
ifuritaoni at yahoo.com writes:
First,  10PM....well...we often start late so closing at 10PM might cut us 
off when we  just start eating/talking.  

That aside....while I am NOT  cheap, $32 for one meal is a bit steep don't 
you think?

I am  sticking to Vinny's plan....Dallas, Ollie's, John's Pizza or someplace 
like  Tick Tock.

While yes almost everyone wants to do something extra  cool and special like 
Thai or Japanese buffet or whatever, that's something  that be done another 
day with those who want to make an evening of it.   This is a group dinner in 
the middle of Comic Con, which means a lot of ppl  will be distracted (aka not 
come), probably run into other friends and go off  with them instead, or be 
broke from rampaging in the Dealer's Room or be  too exhausted to want to schlep 
off great distances.  Please be  cognoscente (I spelled that wrong, didn't I? 
!@#!@#) of that!   

I love you all but while a lot of these ideas are very  interesting, we need 
to be realistic about the spaces available, the time we  typically take 
talking/arguing/catching up and leave time  for anyone to bitch about the 
bill/service/food, or argue over ever  last cent they're supposed to contribute or try 
to short the bill (not  counting tax/tip/whatever) leaving everyone else to 
pick up the  slack and make the totals work.

Again, short and sweet.....I  go for Vinny's plan.  I vote Dallas BBQ or Tick 
Tock.  Both places  serve a fairly wide range of foods so that almost 
everyone should be able to  find something on the menu to indulge themselves.  Okay, 
it's not  super cool eating but there is nothing to stop anyone from going to 
exotic  places on their own or schedule a Metro dinner for another time at 
said  location.

That's my $20.02 on the issue.  Feel free to vote  me off the island if you 
don't concur or can't  compromise/counter-offer.

B Smith, too busy worrying  about my costumes and autograph opportunities to 
care about anything  else

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