[MA-SOC] [MA-WORK] Fwd: Anime/Manga scenes in NYC- for Nippon TV

Mandisa Washington mandisaw at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 22 13:47:31 EST 2009

Hey Klara, thanks for the info. But it wasn't actually my request, it was
for a Japanese TV reporter coming to town during NYComic Con. So I don't
know if he's actually looking for critical scholars to interview, or just
scenes of artists working on anime/manga in NYC for background/B-roll.

I actually meant for this to go to the Workers' list, but I suppose if
anyone has info on what this guy is seeking, feel free to post, and we can
PM him.


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> From: Klara Wahlster <kgw216 at nyu.edu>
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> Date: 1/22/2009 12:33:55 PM
> Subject: Re: [MA-SOC] [MA-WORK] Fwd: Anime/Manga scenes in NYC- for
Nippon TV
> When you say teach anime and manga, do you mean as critical materials (as
one might teach Shakespeare)  or as a crafts class (how to draw, how to
animate, etc.)?
> > 1) Are there any schools or classes in New York that teaches Manga or
> Anime?
> > 2) Any events on Febth 6 or 7th?
> > 3) I found Image Anime on 30th Street, which seems to be an exclusively
> > Japanese Anime store. Do you happen to know any other stores or cafes
> > on Japanese pop culture?
> > 4) Are there any Manga publisher in New York that is a American-owned?
> > TOKYOPOP is unfortunately an Japanese company.
> > 5) Are there any person from a Manga publisher, school, or icon, who can
> > perhaps talk about the Japanese pop culture in New York, from not just a
> > fan's point view?

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