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When you say teach anime and manga, do you mean as critical materials (as one might teach Shakespeare)  or as a crafts class (how to draw, how to animate, etc.)?

NYU had a class specifically for anime as critical subject, but the EAS department isn't the most well organized or highly resourced department at NYU CAS, so it's not always taught. I do know professors, though, who've had stuff published in that area and who have taught that class and other Japanese media classes -- please email me if you want their contact info.


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Unfortunately, I suspect most of the local "fan culture" and all of the
industry-types will in fact be at NYCC. I would otherwise have suggested
checking out Anime Castle in Queens (except they'll be at the con). Maybe
for industry reps he can speak to the folks at Del Rey, HarperCollins
(they're pushing more Harlequin manga), or Media Blasters - but they'll all
be at the con, too. It's one-stop shopping for interviews, but I guess it
doesn't make for an interesting bunch of backdrops. Perhaps Kinokuniya will
do some in-store promotional event that weekend?

As for schools/classes, the colleges only go into Spring semester over the
next couple weeks, so I doubt anybody's up to speed, assuming he can track
down an art class that meets on Friday/Saturday. Maybe he can try the
animation people at SVA, NY Film Academy, or the New School?

And unless they sold it, Tokyopop is still owned by Americans - they have
branches in Japan, Britain & Europe, but it's an American company.
Reporters *really* need professional researchers/fact-checkers.


> 1) Are there any schools or classes in New York that teaches Manga or
> 2) Any events on Febth 6 or 7th?
> 3) I found Image Anime on 30th Street, which seems to be an exclusively
> Japanese Anime store. Do you happen to know any other stores or cafes just
> on Japanese pop culture?
> 4) Are there any Manga publisher in New York that is a American-owned?
> TOKYOPOP is unfortunately an Japanese company.
> 5) Are there any person from a Manga publisher, school, or icon, who can
> perhaps talk about the Japanese pop culture in New York, from not just a
> fan's point view?

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