[MA-SOC] Anyone heard of SAINT TAIL?

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I've heard of it and it is listed in the Anime Encyclopedia and other sources.  Basically, it's about a girl who turns into "Saint Tail" (by yelling "It's Showtime!") in order to steal stolen property back from the theives and return it to the rightful owner with the help of her best friend who is a novice nun.  The nun hears confessions from crooks and then gives Meimi the information (!).  The police do not approve of her methods and one of the people after her is a boy in her class who is the son of the Chief of police (and, of course, is in love with her.  It ran for a total of 43 episodes.  It was a rare DVD license by Tokyopop so is probably out of print.
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Don't remember exactly what led me to this link.... but when  I read the 
words "Catholic anime", "magical girl",
"sweetness", "optimism",  "nun", and 
"hedgehog" in the same summary, I knew I just had to check it  out:
_http://tinyurl.com/7m9vw3_ (http://tinyurl.com/7m9vw3) 
So I did an Amazon search for SAINT TAIL and ended up  wishlisting all 7 
volumes of the manga and several volumes of the anime.... most  of which, 
unfortunately, are either frightfully expensive (even used), or  out-of-print,
or both.
Anyway, is anyone here familiar with the series?  It got  four- and five-star 
reviews across the board, so it just might be as  delightful as it sounds.  
If it is, then I may check out Right Stuf and  eBay to see if there's a
I can pick up any of the series (manga  and/or anime) affordably in the future.
Just wonderin'....
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