[MA-SOC] OMG.... kawaii or kowai???

Jill Sophia viaparva at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 19:28:21 EST 2009

OMG TO THE NTH DEGREE.... what the f*ck did I start here?

First of all, thank you Disa for explaining my "kawaii/kowai" pun.  And I
didn't invent that, folks.... it's been used many times by many
English-speaking fans.  (And, undoubtedly, by many native Japanese speakers
from time immemorial.)

Secondly, the "kowai" part of my comment had zero to do with anything about
pedophilia, sexualization of little girls, or anything of the sort.
Personally, I found absolutely nothing sexually provocative about the video,
unless you count the fact that the Milky Way gals are indisputably cute and
pretty.  And I saw nothing offensive, sinister, perverted, or corrupt about
the way they were dressed, the way they danced, the way they looked, their
singing, or anything else of the sort.  In fact, I found the whole video
almost ridiculously wholesome, especially compared to some of the
borderline-porn that's often shown on MTV and similar stations.

My "kowai" comment was simply based on
"sweetness/cuteness/dumbness/kiddie-show overload".  (Didn't ANY of you read
my tongue-in-cheek aside about raising my blood sugar and lowering my IQ???)

Matter of fact, I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I love this video,
that it makes me smile, and that it puts me in a great mood when I am
feeling dark and depressed (which happens a lot lately, but that's a
different story).  Come to think of it, Milky Way kinda reminds me of an
updated version of the "Three Little Girls from School" in that famous --
and equally cute -- MIKADO number.

The only thing "kowai" about it, for me anyway, is the fact that it gives me
a bizarre urge to eat Froot Loops and watch Teletubbies (or vice versa

So I thought -- in my doddering old-fart naiveté -- that the video would
give everyone a good laugh and provoke silly comments like "I need some
insulin now!" or "Help, I am vomiting rainbows!" or something of the sort.
Instead, it became a springboard for a heated discussion on the profound
implications of Loli culture and the history of pedophilia in Japan.  Say

One of my good friends in MA, whom I respect deeply, confided in me offlist
that while he still enjoys attending Metro Anime events and screenings, he
no longer posts to this list because of the over-the-top contentiousness
provoked by even the most innocuous comments.... which are
all-too-frequently misinterpreted by all-too-many listmembers.

Well, I still love you all very much, but in the future I will try to limit
my MA-SOC contributions to the briefest and most basic notes.  I'd be happy
to share any other interesting comments and discussions.... offlist.

Peace and blessings for a Happy New Year,

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
("Bidden or not bidden, God is present")
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