[MA-SOC] OT: Basque Historical Graphic Novel

Jill Sophia viaparva at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 22:15:46 EST 2009

As some of you may know by now, I have become a "LiveMocha evangelist"
within the past few months.  LiveMocha being the best free peer-to-peer
language-learning community on the web, I've availed myself of it to the
fullest and am now studying the basics of several languages on the site.

Anyway, I recently "met" a LiveMocha member from Spain -- a native Basque
speaker -- who's offered to teach me a bit of that language via e-mail.
LiveMocha offers a wide spectrum of languages but does not yet include a
course in Basque, and I can understand why.  Basque is extremely difficult
to learn, unrelated to any other language on earth, and may possibly date
back to prehistoric (Cro-Magnon) times.  There are some other Basque
learning sites online, but they are all directed towards native Spanish
speakers -- which makes sense, since most native Basque speakers happen to
live in Spain.

In my online search for Basque-related stuff, I discovered that the
University of Nevada in Reno has a Center for Basque Studies, and that
Center has its own bookstore.  The books they offer on Basque history,
culture, and language are all directed towards English speakers, which is
unusual and (for me anyway) exciting.  Believe it or not, one of those books
happens to be a short graphic novel in English called "Joanes or the Basque
Whaler: The Flying Whaleboat", and it's just $5 plus another $5 for

So I have ordered myself a little Christmas gift for all of $10 -- assuming
it will arrive in time for Christmas.  (They don't yet accept credit cards,
so first my check has to arrive there and then it has to clear, yada yada

Dunno whether the above will interest any of you, which is why I marked it
OT -- but I've got a feeling that Serdar, Clyde, Maikeru, Disa, Dan, Angela,
and perhaps a handful of others might be curious enough to want to see or
hear about "Joanes or the Basque Whaler" when it arrives.  After all, a
graphic novel about one of the oldest and most unique ethnic groups in the
world doesn't come along every day.

And besides, who knows?  Where there are drawings of whales, there just
might be drawings of giant squid.... *tentative happy dance*

Keeping my tentacles crossed,
Cthulhu Yasha

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