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Hello Guys, 

Just want to say that was an amusing party!! Lots of food for sure!!! It was very nice meeting some new faces and seeing old one again. Btw, watching Danny sing is quite amusing (atleast for me).
Plus, thank you for finalizing my decision on getting a Wii :P

~Julia--who barely show up at meeting and lurk on list. Back to WOW for me ;p

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y name is Xavian, and I just saw the website about the holiday party. I know a 
2 year old that really loves all things anime and was wondering what kind of 
arty would this be. Is it going to be more of a grown up event or is there 
aybe going to be more people her age that she can relate to? I am going to meet 
ith her tomorrow so a response anytime before the event starts would be good. 
avian J.
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