[MA-SOC] (From Charles Hall) Re: Soooo.... who's going to the Christmas Party?

z5yg8vsrs001 at sneakemail.com z5yg8vsrs001 at sneakemail.com
Sun Dec 13 14:41:19 EST 2009

I forgot these messages get posted on the web...can a list moderator 
scrub my phone number? Thanks...

Charles Don Hall wrote:
> Sorry for the last-minute RSVP, but Ann's made some cookies and tapenade 
> (olive spread) that I'm going to try to run by...probably not going to 
> be able to stay for more than 10-15 minutes, though.
> I've got the address and the parking info, but is there a phone number I 
> can call if I run into problems? If so, E-mail me or call me at 
> xxx-xxx-xxxx.
> Thanks,
> Charles

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