[MA-SOC] Soooo.... who's going to the Christmas Party?

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Sat Dec 12 12:25:29 EST 2009

That is not the holiday spirit imo. You should come to say HI and hit all the whipper snappers!!!
Surprised… you didn't notice the sarcasm and silliness in that post. I think Disa said bring what you can, it's a party and you suppose to have fun with your friends. :P

That's reason I'm attending. Hopefully see ya there.

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If I need to bring enough for 20--25 people, I have to pass.  The admission
rice is too high.
(So if 10 people bring food, you will have enough for 200--250 people.  I
ave participated in potluck parties before, but they did not work like
I will probably see you all in January.

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Hey Clyde,
You sure your 2_plus pound of hanger steak can feed 20 to 30 hungry folks??
OL.. might want to add more.
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I will be there with 2-plus pounds of hanger steak, broiled medium rare.
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'm figuring on ~40ppl over the course of the afternoon - for any one person
ringing food, if you bring enough for ~20-25, that should be enough.
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