[MA-SOC] Soooo.... who's going to the Christmas Party?

Clyde Adams III clydesan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 17:50:01 EST 2009

I will be there with 2-plus pounds of hanger steak, broiled medium rare.

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On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 00:54, Mandisa Washington <mandisaw at earthlink.net>wrote:

> > That being said.... a specific RSVP thread might be a good idea.  Disa
> and
> > Dan, what do you think?
> Aha - it's almost like you read my mind and started the thread already!
> (Thanks Jill & JQ *grin*)
> First off, there's been about equal numbers of "Yes"s & "Maybe"s for the
> party next week, including both the Soc list & the Facebook group. We're at
> about 15-20ppl for each category, so maybe we'll see ~30+ at the party, but
> most folks haven't said what they're likely to bring yet. So sound-off on
> what you're bringing, even if you might change your mind later on - we
> won't stone you for bringing barbeque wings instead of jerk chicken, it's
> okay.
> We could use people who can either bring drinks - juice/soda/water - or are
> willing to do a run to the local Pathmark on the day of the party. We also
> should try for some healthy-ish fare, like raw veggies - carrot/celery
> sticks, mushrooms, broccoli - or fruit - apples, oranges & pears. Assorted
> cheese & crackers, cookies or cake (holiday-variety optional), deli meats -
> platters can be pricey, and a bit unwieldy, but you can buy regular
> portions and we can "make it all pretty" at the party.
> Also, does anyone have one of those electric hot-water kettles? I was
> thinking that hot tea/cocoa might be a nice option, but microwaving water a
> cup at a time is a pain.
> Everyone who's mentioned bringing food still seems to be contemplating
> logistics, and there was a request for ride-sharing if anyone's driving (or
> taking a cab, if you're near enough). Pasta/noodle dishes, appetizers, rice
> dishes, West Indian food (Peggy mentioned a place about a block away) - all
> are tasty & relatively inexpensive options that have been floated, but no
> one's grabbed 'em yet.
> We haven't got any die-hard "friends of Martha (Stewart)" in the ranks, so
> don't be embarrassed to bring your favorite "common people's" party food -
> if you like Chex Mix or "cut from the tube" sugar cookies, bring 'em along
> - if it's good enough for the Ouran Host Club, it's good enough for us.
> *grin*
> Mandisa

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