[MA-SOC] Soooo.... who's going to the Christmas Party?

Michelle ranmouri82 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 13:39:30 EST 2009

Ditto to Mandisa's suggestion for beverages.  Diet iced tea or water would
be lovely!

(Sorry for your cold, BTW.  I've got a fever, too.  >.<)


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> > PS to Disa:  Still want to know whether paper cups and/or plates will be
> OK
> > for me to bring....
> Naw, Dan & I've got the paper/plastic goods covered since those pretty much
> need to be there from the start. Although the usual caveat holds that
> people bringing dishes should to try to bring a big serving spoon/fork (as
> appropriate).
> As to your earlier suggestions, bakery goodies are just fine, with or
> without nuts, I just recall that some bakeries (esp. some of the ethnic
> ones here in NYC) actually do make some distinction in their preparation,
> so if that applies, cool, if not, don't sweat it. (I'm sure folks allergic
> to nuts are sadly used to avoiding say, danish and ruggelah - we'll just
> get plenty of nut-free cake/cookies to compensate :)
> Greg - Sodas are great, those are some pretty brawny arms that can carry
> 8-10 bottles *heh*. My only request is to mix it up and get some non-colas
> - iced tea, ginger ale, orange, Fresca, etc. - and get a couple diet sodas
> in there. (I've actually got a bottle of regular Pepsi at the house from
> the holidays that I'm bringing, so we've got that one checked off, at
> least.)
> Ciao,
> Mandisa
> - sorry for the delay folks, I'm fighting a bastard of a cold that knocked
> me flat this past weekend, plus the joys of final projects *whoo ha
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