[MA-SOC] A bit off topic: Confirmed, umm...what are we confirming?

B Smith ifuritaoni at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 5 00:58:37 EST 2009

Excuse' moi?

Scientology has created an art out of ripping off people?  Oh really? I guess you're not old enough to remember all them southern christian revivalist evangelicals who went on to create major scandals back in the 80s and 90s?  That said..what money have they ripped off?  Where was this theft and when?  Were there witnesses that fingered them?  Accomplices like Madoff?  Lehman Bros? Enron? Worldcomm? I'd like to know.

And unlike SOME religions...lets see...did they call for the deaths of the destruction of clinics and post addresses of doctors on their websites, encouraging members to take the law into their own hands?  Let's see...do they encourage their fanatics to ram planes into buildings or commit suicide bombing in the name of holy jihad?  Let's see...do they call for the castration of women?  Let's see...do they call for a halt of sciences and technology on the grounds of it's inherent evil and immoral invasion of god's domain..going so far as to burn down libraries at Alexandria and other locations and have scholars rounded up and forced to recant or be killed?  Let's see.

Oh...and when's the last time Scientology had a spanish inquisition (not that anyone expects the spanish inquisition)? 

I'm not even a Scientologist....but I'd say their record is a lot cleaner than most some other ones I can think of.....
B Smith, finds it funny how people find virtue in one person yet hold vitrol for another for committing the same action.

--- On Fri, 12/4/09, Michael Haney <thezorch at gmail.com> wrote:

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> At least you aren't in the Church of Scientology.  They've created an
> art out of ripping off people's money in the name of  Religion.
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> Michael "TheZorch" Haney


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