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Fri Dec 4 21:09:05 EST 2009

On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 1:25 PM, Sean Su <sean.su at sean.su> wrote:
> Okay,
> Please don't call new religions a cult. It's simply insulting. As a "cult"
> leader myself I argue the only difference between your older religions and
> mine is age. For instance, although I am not, Raëlians are sometimes called
> a profit mongering cult, yet their tithe is significantly less than the
> Catholic church's. They're called crazy because they believe in aliens
> (which mathematical probability makes them almost definite) but the Catholic
> church believes in a book that has talking snakes, shines a light on
> slavery, and promotes inequality, and largely believes in a hell that was
> only made up in the Medieval ages. At least Raelists believe everyone should
> be equal.
> BTW I am not a Raelist. I started a new religion for tax purposes, and to
> gain instant respect and authority like maybe half the new churches out
> there.
> Loving words from your mighty Miniature Giant Grand Space Popette,
> Sean Su
> Miniature Giant Grand Space Popette Extraordinaire

At least you aren't in the Church of Scientology.  They've created an
art out of ripping off people's money in the name of Religion.

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