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Please don't call new religions a cult. It's simply insulting. As a "cult"
leader myself I argue the only difference between your older religions and
mine is age. For instance, although I am not, Raëlians are sometimes called
a profit mongering cult, yet their tithe is significantly less than the
Catholic church's. They're called crazy because they believe in aliens
(which mathematical probability makes them almost definite) but the Catholic
church believes in a book that has talking snakes, shines a light on
slavery, and promotes inequality, and largely believes in a hell that was
only made up in the Medieval ages. At least Raelists believe everyone should
be equal.

BTW I am not a Raelist. I started a new religion for tax purposes, and to
gain instant respect and authority like maybe half the new churches out

Loving words from your mighty Miniature Giant Grand Space Popette,
Sean Su
Miniature Giant Grand Space Popette Extraordinaire

On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 1:43 AM, Jill Sophia <viaparva at gmail.com> wrote:
> Michael,
> I wholeheartedly agree that honest and accurate sex education is vitally
> important, especially for younger children.  People who think they are
> "protecting" their kids by avoiding the subject are actually endangering
> them, because clever pedophiles often target children who are naive and
> therefore easier to deceive or exploit.
> I gather that your evaluation of "today's churches" is based on your
> personal experiences in certain strict Evangelical fundamentalist
> congregations; and I can understand how hurt and disillusioned those
> experiences must have made you feel.  I know people who have had similarly
> awful experiences with fanatical fundamentalist groups .... not only
> Christian, but also Jewish, Islamic, and other denominations (including
> cultlike "new religions").  Militant fundamentalism of any religious or
> political orientation can be psychologically and often physically
> destructive.
> On the other hand, I have also known "born-again" Evangelicals, Latter-Day
> Saints, Orthodox Jews, Traditionalist Catholics, devout Muslims, and
> strictly observant Jains who were/are extremely happy, well-adjusted, and
> loving people.  Ultimately, the major influence is the family and how that
> family practices its beliefs.  In my own experience, I've come to the
> conclusion that parents who focus on unconditional love, empathy, and
> compassion -- rather than obsessive legalism -- tend to raise emotionally
> stable children, regardless of their faith or lack thereof.
> Religious corruption, like political corruption, is nothing new.
> groups and political groups are comprised of human beings, many human
> are corrupt, and those corrupt humans have a nasty habit of taking truly
> precious and noble ideals and twisting them to suit their own agendas.
> there ARE groups where the decent members can uphold their ideals and work
> together to do good, despite the inevitable presence of corrupt members.
> Decent churches, synagogues, masjids, temples, ashrams, and other
> communities DO exist.  Sometimes you just have to look a little harder to
> find them.
> Peace and blessings,
> Jill
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