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Sorry to turn this into a political/moral debate, but also the other
issue is the lack of real sex education in the US and severe aversion
people have towards teaching kids about sex.  What they learn they
learn out of the home, online, from friends at school, but rarely from
parents or teachers.  They usually learn stuff that isn't true or is
dangerous, and rarely get the truth.  We need to stop being afraid and
tell our kids what they need to know to say staff and stop sheltering
them.  I should have included that in my original Rant.

I have a "serious" problem with the church.  Having once been a so
called "Born Again" Christian I know intimately what really happens
inside of today's churches, and what they've generally become.  There
are exceptions, but they're few and far between.

On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 10:14 PM, Jill Sophia <viaparva at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi there Michael,
> You are certainly entitled to your opinion, as I am entitled to my opinion
> that your opinion on this subject is somewhat misguided.
> Statutory rape laws have certainly been misused by the legal system.  But
> drastically lowering the age of consent is not the answer.  It leaves
> pedophiles carte-blanche for sexually exploiting children whose "consent"
> may simply be the fact that they are either afraid to protest or have no
> knowledge of their right to protect their own bodies.
> How do I know this?
> Because as a young child, I myself was molested by an older boy at summer
> day camp.
> Because I know two women who were repeatedly raped by their fathers as young
> children, and I know how many years of post-traumatic agony and intensive
> therapy these women went through in order to regain their self-esteem.
> Because a man who was a friend of our family -- a politically conservative,
> strait-laced, middle-class Jewish guy with a Ph.D. in chemistry and a very
> nice wife -- was arrested for sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy.  (The
> emotionally stunted genius said there was nothing wrong with what he did
> because "the boy initiated it.")  This very proper individual also turned
> out to be a regular on pedophile chat lines where -- among other things --
> men discussed how they could best initiate sex with their kindergarten-age
> sons.
> As for blaming the Christian church for starting it all -- sorry, but you're
> several centuries too late.  Long before pedophile clergy started to molest
> altar boys, Greek, Roman, and Persian nobility were grooming little-boy
> concubines (some of whom they castrated) for their version of "fun and
> games" in the royal bedchamber.  And yes, many Catholic priests did molest
> children in our era.  So did Protestant ministers.  So did Hindu gurus.  So
> did rabbis -- sometime, take a look at the "Failed Messiah" website to read
> about the cover-up in the close-knit Orthodox communities of New York, where
> parents who reported the molestation of their sons by ultra-Orthodox rebbes
> were threatened with shunning by the community because they had the courage
> to tell the non-Jewish "outsider" police about this sexual abuse.
> Now, let's talk about Buddhist clergy.  Do you think that none of the above
> has ever gone on in Buddhist monasteries?  Wrong again.  One of the great
> scandals in organized Buddhism, for many centuries, was the use of neophyte
> boy-monks as "substitute females" by the older monastics.
> Those who know me, know that I am a Jew by birth and ethnicity, a Catholic
> by faith, and a student and admirer of Buddhism.  All of the abuses I have
> described are dreadful, and its perpetrators deserve to be prosecuted to the
> fullest extent of the law.  But you cannot tar all clergy with the same
> brush just because many of their fellow clergy happen to be corrupt or
> perverted.
> And then there is the very real problem of human trafficking -- read the
> facts, which you will find online on many legitimate sites.  Read about how
> little boys and girls are purchased from desperately poor Third World
> families to become the sex toys of wealthy First World men and women.  When
> you read this, you may change your mind about what you just posted.
> As for the King of Pop -- certainly one of the most talented performers of
> our era, whose songs and videos I happen to love -- I am sadly inclined to
> believe that the man was indeed a pedophile, perhaps because he himself was
> sexually abused as a child.  But we will never know the truth now.  What we
> do know is that he regularly invited the children of his fans to sleep with
> him, alone, in his bed.  Did they just "cuddle"?  Was MJ so lonely, so much
> of an emotional child himself, that he just needed reassurance?  Perhaps.
> My heart goes out to him, and I know he contributed generously to numerous
> children's charities.  But his personal life was a tragic train wreck, and I
> for one would not have felt comfortable allowing a young child to share MJ's
> bed without supervision.
> Now I expect many of you to pillory me for expressing these opinions.
> That's OK.  But I feel so strongly about the issue of child abuse --
> particularly sexual abuse -- that this is one thread on which I just
> couldn't remain silent.
> With respect (despite our difference of opinion),
> Jill
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