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Anime is a business, and businesses tend to run in cycles.  It is also normal for any business that when something is successful lots of studios will jump on the bandwagon.  Unfortunately, just as in Hollywood, it is very difficult to come up with something new.  Corporations don't like taking chances.
In the 1980's this led to the anime industry running the mecha genre into the ground to the point that more recent shows avoid the phrase "Giant Robot" like American car companies avoid the term "Station Wagon".  Also, remember the Japanese TV industry is different than ours.  US shows make their money off the huge commercial fees they charge advertisers thanks to the power of the nationwide networks.  Japan's topography led to the situation where what is shown in Tokyo is not the same as what is shown in Osaka and other areas.  Popular shows will air in different areas but on different days and times (you can check this out on the shows' websites).  Japanese animated TV shows rely much more on merchandising to make money, and, in their heyday, nothing sold toys like mecha shows.
Merchandising also plays a big part in the whole "moe" thing.  There is a reliable audience of neets/nerds/hikkikomori who will buy figures of their favorite characters (along with all sorts of other products) so lazy producers just need to come up with an excuse for cute girls to do cute things to satisfy their target audience.
Finally, with the Internet giving US anime fans more access to fansubs and "legal" streaming, we get to see more of what is being shown, whereas in the past most of us only saw a small fraction of what was being produced.  There will always be a gem or two but, just like US TV,  a lot of derivative junk as well.
I think as we go forward, the best anime will not necessarily be ones that do something different (after all, what's left?) as those who can put the elements together in more interesting ways.

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>> Bokurano was a dark but very original anime series about a group of
kids who believe 
>> they are joining a video game but instead are making a grievous pact
to pilot a mecha >> in order to save the Earth.
> Sounds like the story for "Ender's Game".

   Similar but not really the same. I read Ender's Game and of course loved
it but watching Bokurano does not give you any sense of deja vu.  

   News is the Ender's Game movie has been scrapped.

   Having been part of anime fandom for many years I saw somewhat of a cyclic
occurrence in anime.  I wanted to ask if anyone on MA-SOC feels that anime is
taking a different  direction or is it still cyclic.  Also is that direction is
good or bad?  

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