[MA-SOC] The Direction of Anime RE: What anime to check out

Chet J jerzee_guy at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 26 17:37:57 EDT 2009

>> Bokurano was a dark but very original anime series about a group of kids who believe 
>> they are joining a video game but instead are making a grievous pact to pilot a mecha >> in order to save the Earth.
> Sounds like the story for "Ender's Game".

   Similar but not really the same. I read Ender's Game and of course loved it but watching Bokurano does not give you any sense of deja vu.  

   News is the Ender's Game movie has been scrapped.

   Having been part of anime fandom for many years I saw somewhat of a cyclic occurrence in anime.  I wanted to ask if anyone on MA-SOC feels that anime is taking a different  direction or is it still cyclic.  Also is that direction is good or bad?  

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