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Michael "TheZorch" Haney thezorch at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 09:47:30 EDT 2008

My group, Zorch Central, an online group of amateur writers and video 
game fans is sponsoring a petition demanding E3 2009 and future E3 
events to be opened to the public.

The main point of the argument is that opening E3 to the public makes 
good business sense, not only for the electronic entertainment industry 
but to the local economy of the city hosting the event.  The money that 
would come in due to the tourism which a public E3 show would attract 
cannot be ignored.  At the same time, its is the buying public whom the 
electronic entertainment industry must impress not the media.  It is not 
the press who pay their bills and buy their games keeping them in 
business but "you", me and everyone else who buys their products and 
services.  It is for this reason that the North American International 
Auto Show is a public event and just one day is media only.

E3 could be the Leipzig (the world's largest "public" video game trade 
show held in Germany) and Tokyo Game Show of the United States, a 
premier event that would attract attendees and companies from around the 
world, and contribute to improving our lagging economy by promoting 
tourism.  Anything else is a disgrace for the electronic entertainment 
industry and sends a message to the buying public that the ESA 
(Entertainment Software Association) doesn't care about their 
customers.  That's not the kind of message they should be sending right 
now as our economy is in such a downturn.

Here is the petition URL, I urge everyone to please sign it.

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