[MA-SOC] "Finding Manga in NYC" (MangaNEXT panel)

Clyde Adams III clydesan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 11:02:48 EDT 2008

At MangaNEXT    http://manganext.org/

Panel title: "Finding Manga in NYC"
Where: Panel room 1    http://manganext.org/location
When: 1:00 PM--2:30 PM Saturday 01 November 2008
Panel host: Clyde Adams III
Description: Where around NYC to find manga (new or used) to buy or read, as
well as manga-related events and merchandise.

Angela and Disa, your panel "How'd that Europe get in my Manga?!" sounds
really interesting, but I'm afraid I won't be attending.
I'm planning to spend my new niece's first Halloween with family, and
day-trip to MangaNEXT for Saturday only.

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