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Hi Orin, sorry to hear about your dad, my condolences to your family.

As to your question, ANN's encyclopedia
(http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=60) says that
Ping-Pong Club did get a 2002 DVD release, but since it was released by
Central Park Media you might have a hard time finding them. (It's a sort of
inactive company now, although I think some of its titles are still
in-print.) You might try calling around to Anime Castle & Image Anime
locally, or ask the dealers at the next con you go to. And some of the
video rental places are bound to have copies around somewhere (maybe

Strangely, when I saw the first couple eps of Ping-Pong Club like 7-8 years
ago, it just left me flat and somewhat pissed-off. But years later,
watching & reading Genshiken, which covers similar material (hard-luck
school club of underachieving anime fans/perverts), I loved the story and
really related to the characters. It's all in the timing & execution, I

Although at least I saw enough of Ping-Pong to get the gag in Bamboo Blade
where round-headed, over-simply-drawn Dan keeps looking for the school's
legendary, but non-existent "ping-pong club". I think they're both riffing
off the ridiculously old (since 1979!) pervert-slapstick manga Patarilo,
though I only saw a couple minutes of that one, raw, and in a darkened
video room at like 3am, so I could be confused/mistaken.


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Hey everyone I'm trying to find a anime i've seen thats kinda old but i
love it.The name of it is "The Ping Pong Club"its a comedy thats off the
hook.I found 2 vhs tapes of it(i know vhs r u kidding,lol)but want to know
if anyone has a clue where i could look to see if 1:its on dvd 2:where to
find it(if its only vhs i guess i'll have 2 deal with it)I really love this
show & want to get the whole series.Any help would be greatly welcome
thanks & talk soon.

Orin(Capt Gin,Ichimaru)


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