[MA-SOC] Self-mummified monks - J-horror meets creepy reality!

Serdar Yegulalp thegline at optimum.net
Sat Oct 4 11:41:02 EDT 2008

> Remember that story in Volume 3 about those two girls getting trapped  with
> the self-mummified monks?  Well, truth is stranger than fiction  -- while
> Ito's
> story may have been a tad bit anachronistic (the practice  died out in the
> early 20th century), the practice of sokushinbutsu  (self-mummification) by
> Shingon Buddhist monks was a chilling historical  reality.  Cut and paste the
> "tinyfied" link for an  article on the practice.... complete with photo of an
> honest-to-goodness  self-mummified monk!

Eek. This was something I had indeed heard about a while back -- through another, earlier J-horror flick, no less! (Name elides me atm).

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