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> Conventions (and clubs - plug,
> plug) really ought
> to emphasize their appeal as places to socialize and form
> in-person
> attachments (personal or professional). Perhaps the old
> model of *throw a
> bunch of fans in a hotel and let them mingle* isn't
> working anymore, since
> folks seem to be more socially isolated (or less
> extroverted, at least).
> Maybe cons (even logistically-hampered ones like NYAF/NYCC)
> need to offer
> more true social networking opportunities to make
> themselves worthwhile and
> obviously relevant in an age of watching anime at your
> computer.

Ahh, thank you for reminding me of one of the points I was trying to make in my last email. Yes, in this age of ebay, all-news-is-old-news, and download anything anywhere, cons really should try to rebrand/remarket themselves as...I don't know. You look at SDCC, which now more resembles Cannes or Sundance (i.e., place to go to be seen, or because you "have to", far unfocused from its original purpose) more than SDCC even five years ago. For better or worse, things had to change and love it or hate it, it's bigger than ever with little sign of stopping.

Don't really have any solutions (not even sure if it's an actual "problem"), and not judging what's good or bad. Just something to think about.




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