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Well, *I* am old enough to remember when the only anime available in the US  
were series like CAPTAIN HARLOCK, GALAXY EXPRESS 999, and IKKYU-SAN.... and  
those could only be seen during the evening Japanese segments on an obscure UHF 
 channel (UHF being the "alternate channels" beyond channel 13, the primitive 
 precursors of today's cable stations).
And personally, I can think of dozens of reasons to go to cons.... even for  
those of us like myself who are neither encyclopedic anime experts  nor 
cosplayers.  Those reasons include -- but are by no means limited  to -- the 
carnival atmosphere, the fun panels, the screenings, the dancing, the  irresistible 
insanity, and most especially, the camaraderie.  Sure, you do  run into the 
occasional creep, but for the most part, the vibes are just  wonderful.  What 
amazes me the most -- being one of the oldest (in  chronological age) attendees 
at each con I've gone to so far -- is the  remarkable lack of "ageism" at these 
events, and in the otaku community in  general.  Younger con attendees have 
looked at me with surprise, with  curiosity, with admiration, and with rather 
amused approval, but hardly ever (at  least from what I've observed) with a 
"what are YOU doing here?" attitude.   And those positive vibes keep me young at 
heart, and give me hope  for the future of anime fandom.
Kids today suck???  Many do, but certainly not most of the ones I've  come 
across at cons.  The majority of our younger otaku brethren -- even  the wilder 
ones -- impress me as polite, friendly, open-minded, helpful,  intelligent, 
marvelously creative, and more than willing to teach "old newbies"  like me what 
they know about anime and manga.
Being in a financial bind, I will probably not be able to go to another con  
till the summer of 2010.  By that time I will be 60 years young, and I  know 
I'll enjoy getting back to the con scene as much as fellow fans  many decades 
my junior.
Kids today -- at least the ones in the anime/manga community -- ROCK!
Your Burukkurin buddy,
The Jillster
(World's Oldest Otaku -- and lovin' it!)
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I'm old  enough to remember the days before the Internet (hell, I'm old 
enough to  remember when you had to join a tape trading club, send blank VHS 
cassettes in  the mail, and wait three weeks to get two hours of unsubbed, 
nth-generation  copies of Hokuto No Ken and Dr. Slump), when cons were literally the 
ONLY  place to hear news, watch a "new" show or movie (again, unsubbed and 
probably  huddled around a 13" TV in a dark back room with six other people), buy 
art  books and toys, and meet like the one other person in your state who likes 
 Urusei Yatsura.

In an age where any "news" is broken two weeks in  advance, you can download 
pretty much any show you want a year before it's  even licensed, you can talk 
to all your friends all day every day via chat,  text, twitter, or message 
board, and more often than not stopping yourself  from buying that cool new 
Revoltech or Gundam kit because you know you can get  it cheaper online, there are 
only two reasons I can think of to go to a con:  to hang out with your friends 
and to show off your awesome cosplay.

Not  that there's a single thing wrong with either of those. i still LOVE 
going to  cons, even if there's not really anything to learn or to see, and I 
don't even  cosplay.

What's my point? I don't know. I guess it's that kids today  SUCK. :p ;p ;)

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