[MA-SOC] clyde-s.kon and paprika

Willow (yanagi) eandzb at att.net
Mon Jun 30 16:53:57 EDT 2008

thanks clyde for the heads up about tonight's S. Kon and Paprika
hopefully I can get in...friends and I all got confirms but mine
was sort of this wait list thing and I couldn't even print it out
(a requirement) because I ran out of ink..luckily I have friends
to the rescue:-).

if anyone else is going and knows me ..say hi, lol...
I'll be wearing a blue japan giesha print shirt and black skirt
with copper stripes.

I'm leaving early...in about 10 min though I will get there early
I"m sure but we're supposed to be there by 6:15 and they had to
do it by lottery for confirms because they did get a lot of
I think my friends got confirms and not the first come first
served thing I got..hope to hope.

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