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Tue Jun 10 21:19:15 EDT 2008

I saw the first half of TASTE OF TEA at an International Center screening  
hosted by Maikeru-san.  It had to be shown in two parts due to length, and  
unfortunately I had another appointment the following week.
It is a quirky slice-of-life comedy-drama about an eccentric  family in rural 
Japan, and the equally eccentric characters around them.   Of course I've 
only seen half of it, but from what I saw it seems to be a mixed  bag.  Some of 
the characters are enchanting -- particularly the strange,  imaginative little 
girl and the handsome, artistic underachiever (played by  the perennially 
fascinating Asano Tadanobu, one of my favorite  big-screen bishies).  But certain 
scenes seem to drag out interminably to  no purpose, and the lack of focus is 
often downright annoying.  Still, for  all I know, it may pick up in the 
second half, so if I were you I'd give it a  try.
BTW, I tried to contact you via individual e-mail twice since Sunday, but  
received no reply.  I'm glad to see you posting to the list, because I was  
worried that something was wrong.  If you get the chance, do e-mail me  
individually before A-Next so we can make arrangements about meeting (either on  the bus 
or at the hotel), etc.
Hugs & blessings from your Burukkurin buddy,
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"Taste  of Tea" movie: Anybody see  this?

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